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Henry Mitchell Bio

An admirer of all things beautiful, Henry first expressed his interest in design at the age 16 by painting his bedroom and all of its contents Black, much to his mother’s dismay. He began his professional career at Jack Travis Architects and in 1995 opened his own practice, Henry Mitchell Interior Architecture. Quite relieved, his mother celebrated when New York Magazine listed him as one of New York’s 100 ‘Best’ Interior Designers.

Henry’s diverse and discerning clientele rely on his proficiency in interior and architectural design as well as his expertise in the custom design of furniture, lighting and site-specific hardware. His design aesthetic skillfully blends elements of contemporary design with elements of classic design. His design practice is recognized for its detailed simplicity, functionality, and elegance as he strives to render interiors that are accessible, rational, and pure. His creative process incorporates the concepts of masterful space planning and an insistence that the individual be reflected in their own living environment.

Henry lives and works in New York City. His work has been profiled in national publications and he now only occasionally paints a room Black.